Hero Experiences Dubai

Dubai’s Group of Leading Tourism Companies

Hero Experiences was founded as the holding company for leading travel experiences in Dubai. It is a group of companies whose collective vision is to create empowering and unique travel experiences. These experiences take place in the most sustainable and innovative ways possible.

As pioneers in their respective categories, the companies under the Hero Experiences umbrella offer unique land, sea and sky adventures in Dubai. Sustainability is at our core. Hero Experiences strive to create extraordinary moments while protecting and preserving the natural environment and local cultures which make these must-do experiences in Dubai possible!

All of the Hero Experiences have been designed for people who seek out positive growth from new experiences. Whether it’s by learning about a new culture, appreciating the great outdoors, getting outside of your comfort zone, or ticking something off the bucket list, Hero Experiences exist to empower, educate and inspire people.

With a division dedicated to event management, Hero Experiences are also for those looking for unique venues and customised experiences in Dubai.