Hero Experiences Dubai

Dubai’s Group of Leading Tourism Companies

The Hero Experiences Group has a collective vision of creating empowering and unique travel experiences in the most innovative and sustainable ways possible. We offer extraordinary land, sea and sky adventures that inspire guests to take control of their lives.
Be the hero of your story when embarking on one of our unique experiences. With sustainability at the core of everything we do, we strive to preserve the beautiful culture and environment of the UAE for future generations. By sharing the history and heritage of the UAE with our guests, we aim to cultivate a deeper understanding of the local culture. All of the Hero Experiences strive to inspire, empower and exceed guest expectations. Whether by experiencing Dubai’s culture, discovering the great outdoors or embarking on a new adventure – it’s Your Life. Your Story. Be A Hero!

With a division dedicated to event management, Hero Experiences are also for those looking for unique venues and customised experiences in Dubai. A special occasion requires a special team of experts to make it extraordinary, luxurious and most importantly, unique. Whether small and intimate or grand and over the top, our group of event creators pride themselves in working closely with you to help you curate the ultimate experience. For info, please contact [email protected]